MATTEMOISELLE - Plush Matte Lipstick

MATTEMOISELLE - Plush Matte Lipstick

Brand: Fenty

Price: $18.00

Star rating: unrated

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Clapback - True Navy

Midnight Wasabi - Wicked Green

Griselda - Bold Burgundy

Ya Dig?! - Periwinkle Blue

PMS - Moody Brown

Shawty - Warm Chestnut

One of the Boyz - Wild Lilac

Spanked - Dusty Rose

Ma'Damn - Royal Red

Freckle Fiesta - Spiced Terracotta

S1ngle - Blushing Nude

Candy Venom - Electric Pink

Up 2 No Good - Nude Peach

Saw-C - Exotic Tangerine

Description: An ultra slim lipstick with a longwearing, petal-soft matte finish, created in a rainbow of 14 weightless, color-intense shades each designed to flatter all skin tones.