All About Shadow™ Quad

All About Shadow™ Quad

Brand: Clinique

Price: $28.50

Star rating: unrated

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Smoke and Mirrors 4


Dive In 4

Smoke and Mirrors 3

Jenna's Essentials 4

Dive In 2

Going Steady 4

On Safari 4


Morning Java 4

Jenna's Essentials 2

Smoke and Mirrors 2

Pink Chocolate 4

Dive In 3

Going Steady 2

Teddy Bear 4

On Safari 2

Morning Java 2

Morning Java 1

Pink Chocolate 2

On Safari 3

Teddy Bear 2

Morning Java 3

Teddy Bear 3

Pink Chocolate 3

Going Steady 3

Dive In 1

Dive In

Jenna's Essentials 3

Smoke and Mirrors 1

Smoke and Mirrors



Pink Chocolate 1

Pink Chocolate

Morning Java 1

Morning Java 1

Morning Java

On Safari 1

On Safari

Jenna's Essentials 1

Jenna's Essentials

Going Steady 1

Going Steady

Teddy Bear 1

Teddy Bear

Description: Wear shades alone or layered together in different combinations. Crease- and fade-resistant. Ophthalmologist tested for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Mirrored compact with illustrated how-tos plus two sponge-tip applicators.