Anna Sui Nail Colour

Anna Sui Nail Colour

Brand: Anna Sui

Price: $15.00

Star rating: unrated

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Empire Green Non Pearl (903)

Ink Blue Matte (103)

Stark Black Non Pearl (009)

Royal Purple Non Pearl (202)

Celadon Grey Shimmer (008)

Deco Blue Shimmer (101)

Rose Grey Non Pearl (007)

Orchid Non Pearl (201)

Anna Red Non Pearl (400)

Metallic Silver Glitter (004)

Shell Pink Shimmer (302)

Gold Beige Shimmer (700)

Biscuit Non Pearl (701)

Silver White Matte (003)

Metallic Gold Glitter (802)

Sugared Lemon Matte (801)

Lemon Yellow Non Pearl (800)

Shiny Orange Glitter (604)

Sweet Pink Non Pearl (303)

Rose Red Matte (306)

Off White Non Pearl (001)

Valencia Non Pearl (603)

Neon Pink Non Pearl (310)

Pink Flamingo Shimmer (304)

Vivid Pink Non Pearl (311)

Tiger Lily Non Pearl (602)

Mango Spice Shimmer (305)

Shiny Pink Glitter (308)

Apricot Matte (601)

Description: This Anna Sui Nail Colour is available in an array of fashion-forward colours and textures.  This dazzling nail colour is long lasting and luxurious and has a delicate Tea Rose scent. Directions: Apply a clear base coat. Start right in the centre of the nail, then apply on the two sides of the nails.  Make sure that the entire nail is covered in these 3 swipes.  Let the base coat dry completely.  Once base coat has dried apply the colour of your choice in a similar fashion: first on the centre of the nail and then on the sides.  Once dry, apply a top coat.